Hey! You can call my Vargur. I’m a writer, developer, ex-EVE Online CEO, and lover of cute fluffy things.

This is the about page for a site that I’ve been calling Vargur’s Place for lack of a better name. Feel free to leave a comment or even poke me on Discord @sebiestor.

What is this site for?

My thoughts on theorycrafting, code, gaming, or whatever else I feel like talking about. I’ve always enjoyed writing and, if you’d like to see a much bigger catalog of my work then check out https://ashy.vargur.dev

How often will the site be updated?

Honestly, whenever I feel like it. Not a great answer, sure, but I’m not blogging for money. I just want to have fun in a fresh new place to write my thoughts.

EVE Online?

EVE Online is a space MMO that I played for over 11 years. In 2023 I quit and I’m glad for it. If you knew me there you might have known my corp, Foxholers, the alliance, Outfoxed, or my name, Ashley Traynor (Ashy).

I won’t play EVE again, don’t ask me about it. I don’t want anything to do with it.

What does Vargur mean?

It was a pretty awesome ship in EVE Online and I went by CCP Vargur for a brief while when working as a contractor (mostly for vanity, it’s not like I needed the name). Since quitting I wanted to give up my old moniker of “Ashy” for a fresh start.

“Vargur” is an old norse word for wolf or outlaw depending on the context. It’s related to Fenrir and I do quite like it 🙂

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